Friday, December 21, 2018

The Portal Series is recognized by Amazon as Top Selling Books

Russell L. Martin, better known as Rusty to those close to him, is a native of Grant Parish, Louisiana, and has lived through many challenges. Financial difficulties, death of immediate family members and numerous other serious life struggles are challenges that many go through. Rusty’s life was no different than the average person’s. However, using his life experiences and firm belief in God, Russell L. Martin was inspired to share incredible tales of what it could be like to have a friendship with your protecting Angel. Thus became the birth of the first book in a 3-book series called “Scars of My Guardian Angel”, which has reached number two on Amazon’s Best Sellers list in a Christian Fantasy genre. Soon after this recognition, he released the second book of The Portal Series, “Bloodline of the Scrolls”. His second book has already hit number one in Western Religious Fiction, New Releases.

Rusty, the son of Mildred and Travis Martin, grew up in a very rural area in Grant Parish, Louisiana, known as the Black Creek Community. His mother was a teacher, retiring as principal from Georgetown K-12 School, and his father was a pipeliner. Rusty went to school during the time period of de-segregation. This dramatic change in the community took a toll on his grades, as it did with many southern students. With only a few credits shy of graduating, Martin left school and began working for his dad as an oiler on a dragline. Russell soon found he had chosen a very tough and long road, working in the heavy construction field.

The years passed, as he was involved in all phases of the pipeline industry. Russell decided to give a formal education another shot. He enrolled and attended studies at the Ocean Corporation, located in Houston, Texas. This is where he received commercial diving degrees that he would use inside the offshore pipeline industry. After 30+ years in this field, he retired.

During the last decade of Russell’s pipeline career, his father lost a long battle to cancer and shortly after, his daughter Summer, was killed when she was struck by a vehicle while walking near her mother’s home. This wasn’t the end of this family’s sorrow. His second daughter, Courtney, was left disabled by another tragic vehicle accident. These events drew Russell closer to God than ever before. Was this his guiding force for writing music and ultimately his first two books of The Portal Series? He truly believes so.

As a new author, Russell reached back into his past and used one particular event while working as a deep-sea diver in the Gulf of Mexico to begin the series. This strange occurrence is where the lead character, Chado Cole, begins his journey into the unknown. 

Russell Martin seems to have found a unique way to draw readers down inside the story, almost as to become one of the characters, joining with Chado and Uriel as they make their way through trials and tribulations of a fantastic journey. Along the way, enjoy the beauty and mysteries of Heaven in “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.

In “Bloodline of the Scrolls”, meet Matt Stone, another deep-sea diver, and Christy Moody, an A-10 fighter pilot, who are living totally separate lives on opposite sides of the planet. Both have only one thing in common; they have unknowingly been chosen by God to join forces with Chado Cole and his Guardian Angel. Before doing so, they must pass through many trials and tribulations set before them. Their first encounter is to take a journey to the very edge of life and death. This mysterious phenomenon is described by some as a near-death encounter.

These novels have deeply and personally touched many readers. Numerous booklovers are saying, “It brought me comfort beyond anything I could imagine… Words jump off the page… it reads like a movie… It made me think of Heaven like never before… the Holy Spirit appointed every word … thought-provoking … best book I’ve ever read other than the Bible … one can only pray that heaven will look like this ... touched all five of my senses…didn’t want it to end, can’t wait till the next book…”

Let the true events of this author’s life, mixed with his fictional imagination, carry you through the portals of the unknown! Be sure to keep watch for the third book of The Portal Series, “Revelation of the Scrolls”, which will be released in 2019.

Rusty’s ministry includes singing and songwriting, motivational speaking and now, as a top selling author in the genre of Christian and Spiritual Fantasy on Amazon. His life has shifted from the hard labor of working in the oilfields across the country to sharing God’s grace and love through storytelling.

Russell L. Martin enjoys communicating personally with his readers through email at, or through his public ‘Russell L. Martin’ Facebook page.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Answering God’s Call

In the days of social media; we often browse, flip and scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and any other instantaneous information providers.  Unfortunately, instead of being happy to connect with long lost friends or excited to be a small part of someone else’s success; we tend to feel envy or sadness that the good things which were posted didn’t happen to us. Every once in a while we might comment “Congratulations” or “I’m so happy for you”, but our real life (out loud) comments go something like this: “Can you believe they got this” or “Why do only good things happen to them”.  If this describes you, don’t feel bad.  Everyone does it.  Social Media was intended to bring the world closer together; unfortunately, many times it causes envy and people start looking at what they don’t have rather than embrace the Gifts God provides.

In the book of Exodus 3:1-4:17 Moses received a sign from God in the form of a burning bush.  The bush was on fire, but not consumed by the flames.  Moses was asked by God to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan.  Despite the signs, Moses is described as being very reluctant to take on the role, arguing that he lacked eloquence, and that someone else should be sent instead. God reacts by angrily rebuking Moses for presuming to lecture the Him who made the mouth on who was qualified to speak and not to speak.  We know the rest of the story, but what if Moses did not use or even look at the Gift of God?

Russell L. Martin, better known as Rusty to his friends, family and all who meet him, has a story about utilizing a Gift from God.

Rusty grew up in a very rural area with his closest neighbors around a half dozen rock throws from his home on Black Creek in Louisiana. The homesteads of his kinfolk were the ones within hollering distance and outside of that small circle was a local community of friends scattered through the rolling hills of timber country, all covering several country miles.  To make extra money, Rusty would be seen walking the country side barefooted pushing his 22-inch lawnmower with a 2 gallon gas can ultimately mowing laws for $2 to $5 dollars a lawn.  The population in the surrounding area was pretty low, but the work was plentiful. The local ranchers and farmers would reach out for young healthy backs in those days.  When it was time to haul hay for livestock, planting season or harvest time, one would hear of this opportunity either around their church or the local barber shop. None paid very well but these chores definitely reaped an abundance of character.  As Rusty grew into his teenage years; he would partake in this type of work.

Living on acreage, there was plenty of chores to do around the house.  Since Rusty’s dad worked on the pipelines he would be away on jobs leaving many of the chores to Rusty and his brother.  That included hunting, and preparing the ground for gardening.  These were normal times back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Times were simple without the ease of technology we have today.

Socially, times in the south were a lot different as well.  Segregation was common and desegregation was federally mandated.  Bringing this type of change to kids who didn’t know anything different caused fear and anxiety.  Many student’s schooling suffered as a result, including Rusty.  Ultimately, Rusty would drop out of high school a few credits shy of receiving his diploma.  He quickly found himself working as an oiler on a huge dragline. This was the guy that did all the ground work for the operator, which was his dad.

This was his first job in heavy construction. He carried these skills leading him to many different construction fields, ranging from rough necking on and off-shore drilling rigs, labored, ran equipment, pushed crews on cross country pipelines, involved in building compressor and pumping stations across the US, but the most his most interesting and fun job was deep sea diving / commercial diving.

If we stopped the story right here, Rusty’s story would be no different than most.  He was a hard worker who made the most out of opportunities that presented themselves.  However, his story doesn’t stop here.  Like many of us; Rusty’s life was filled with challenges and even tragedy.

In the span of several trying years, Rusty lost his youngest daughter, Summer.  His oldest daughter Courtney would spend years battling drug and alcohol addiction.  She even came close to death in a serious car wreck that left her disabled from head trauma.  He would witness his dad’s battle with cancer ultimately losing the fight.  To top it off he would go through a devastating divorce.

Now, that is more like all of our stories.  The only thing is that today, we don’t put that on Social Media.  We only want to share the good things that happen to us!  As you can see, Rusty’s story is really not any different than any of ours.  So what was calling Rusty to do?  What is the gift God gave Rusty?  Is there more to this story of Rusty than being a dropout, roughneck from Dry Prong, Louisiana who was divorced?

Of course.  Every one of us has a gift.  It is up to us to use that gift as God has intended.  So where was Rusty’s burning bush?

Rusty had a choice.  He could either shake his fist and curse God or choose to humble himself by falling on his face in humility, asking Him for forgiveness for so many wrong choices that led his family down this road of destruction.

He chose wisely, and fell on his face before a merciful God.

By doing this it drew him closer to the Lord, giving him a type of wisdom that led me to a decision that he will finish out the rest of his life serving Him.

Rusty always had a gift of telling stories.  He also had a ton of life experience.  In addition, making God part of his everyday life; he often wondered what it would be like when he was called to Heaven, or what was his daughter Summer and his father experiencing?

All of this would lead Russell L. Martin to writing his first book of The Portal Series called, “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.  God led him to the keyboard of his old work laptop. Surprising his family and friends, he unveiled a hidden talent that no one realized he possessed, including himself.  He would use his Gift from God as his ministry leading others to follow Jesus.

Throughout time, many religions have presented differing beliefs of the afterlife. Whatever they may be, we surely all have a final destination.

Ask yourself: Is there a heaven or a hell? When I die will I simply cease to exist and my body turns to dust? If I make it to heaven, what will I do for all eternity? Will I see and know my family and friends? What about angels and demons, are they real?

In the book, “Scars of My Guardian Angel”, the souls of millions hang in the balance as the last days of earth grow near. Chado Cole has been chosen by God for a unique mission. Uriel, his Guardian Angel, has watched over and protected him from birth and now also into the afterlife. Lucifer has managed to receive bits and pieces of information through his demonic forces, that God is using Chado to somehow spoil his bounty of lost souls.

Under the command of God, Uriel is to lead Chado on this incredible journey through the snares of Satan’s demonic forces, to complete a task that was set in motion six thousand years ago!

Let the true events of the Russell L. Martin’s life mixed with his fictional imagination carry you through the portals of the unknown.  Enjoy watching God’s Gift to Rusty come to life in his book.  You will experience a plethora of emotions while reading the book; especially since you know the rest of the story.  For more information, follow Russell L. Martin’s journey on Facebook to see upcoming events and his everyday life of walking with the Lord.

Monday, June 11, 2018

How does one travel to Heaven?

Often, Russell L. Martin receives questions or thoughts about his book, “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.  This is exciting for several reasons.  The first, is with questions, that means there are readers!  Second, with questions, that means there is an interest in Christianity which is what Russell Martin’s ministry is all about.

From time to time, we will post questions that are sent.  This is highly encouraged for all of Russell Martin’s readers.  There is never a terrible question.  As a matter of fact, we know that if one person has a question, there are probably hundreds more people that have the same question.  Ultimately, the more we discuss Christianity, the more people may find their way towards Christ and His teachings!

Message from a Reader:

“I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. I do have one question/concern. The two beings that escorted Chado (main character in the book) to Heaven- you called them angels but then said they were souls of people who had once lived on Earth. Nowhere in Scripture does it say that those who did become angels. Can you explain your reasoning? Thanks. I am looking forward to reading the next book!”

I am very thankful for readers sharing their thoughts. You have to understand “Scars of My Guardian Angel” is listed under the genre of Christian fiction, fantasy. My mother also asked several questions similar to what many readers have and will ask, so I truly enjoy these discussions.

My reasoning with this mindset is not to lead anyone away from scripture. My humble intentions were aimed at possibly giving comfort to a mom or a dad- well I guess- anyone that has lost someone dear to them. 

Before I began to write this story of a young man who has lost his life and then traveled to Heaven ultimately meeting his guardian angel, I went to my childhood Pastor (Richard Debusk) and talked with him about my intentions and sort of asked for his blessing. His words were "Brother Rusty, you write this book. There are a lot of people out there that may never pick up a Bible, but might read a fiction novel.” 

That reassurance gave me great comfort in writing this book.  In addition to entertaining my readers, hopefully, I will be able to provide or encourage others to dive into the scripture.  It is my prayers and now has become our ministry to reach a great fallen away.  Let me share something I have thought about often. We have the word of God that is handed down through the generations and I believe every word of it. Saying that, we know what lies ahead of us is filled with mysteries. I truly think heaven will be so unbelievable! As a parent I've always enjoyed surprising my kids with something special. Don't you think our Father in heaven has a few surprises in store for us? We may not get to become a type of angel, but He did say we would be equal to angels.

 In my study bible, I have read in Luke 20:36 where it says, '…for they are equal to the angels; and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.' As I child I had thoughts of becoming a quick-draw like the gun fighters on the old westerns or being a jet fighter pilot. We sometimes love to have fantasies.  What better thought than to fantasize about heaven? 

 In closing, I pray this explanation helps you understand where my heart is with our Lord.

If you would like to send Russell L. Martin a question about his book or anything else, please email him at  You can also find the book on Amazon by visiting the website at

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Walk with God

Recently, I was invited to give a life lesson speech to a group of students at a local Jr. High School, in the small southern town of Dry Prong, Louisiana. Of course, I haven’t been in an 8th grade classroom for several decades and I am concerned it is way out of my league. I truly believe God has hidden my comfort zone somewhere and I really need it back. Under obedience to our Lord I have agreed to stand before this new generation of fifteen year old kids.

So, this morning on my walk with God I asked Him; “What exactly would you have me say to a bunch of teenagers Lord?  Oh, and by the way, the last time I was in 8th grade it didn’t go so well.  Will you help me feel comfortable?”

So as I was looking for the ‘Burning Bush’ the Lord showed me I need to get on their level and talk with them; not at them.

When I was fifteen all I could think about was getting my first truck, or which girl was the prettiest in the school. Did I have a chance on going steady with her or did I need to set my sites on the silky haired blond girl in home room. I felt there were so many decisions back then and I had so little time to make up my mind; so I thought.

My thoughts to next week baseball tryouts and wondering how many guys will try to take away my position on shortstop. Maybe I’ll be the ace pitcher, but then my thoughts went to the new guy who throws a good curve ball. Quickly, my mind drifted to hearing a couple friends were going fishing after school today replaced by the test tomorrow.  In my youthful wisdom I thought “I’ll wing it.”
When I finally listened to God He put key words; Priorities and Responsibilities to share with the 8th graders.

The Lord instructed me to share that our priorities usually start changing as we get older. Instead of making a huge decision on what kind of chrome rims would look good on your car, you’re wondering, how can I pay this doctor bill for my first newborn baby?

Unfortunately, some people will never learn. Their priorities seem to be frozen in time. This can bring on all sorts of trouble. Next, life throws poverty, bad credit, divorce, broken homes, and drug and alcohol addiction. Families experiencing this always have to struggle, just to make it through this life.
You know, people who choose to not take on adult responsibilities, set goals, get a job or just plainly has no motivation eventually become a burden on their families and society. I just described a sluggard or what most call a lazy person. With this mentality you could actually give them a million dollars and within a few short years they would land right back where they were. There are so many examples of this with instant lottery millionaires.

That doesn’t mean everyone that’s experiencing poverty is a sluggard. Sometimes no matter how hard you try; things just happen. People get hurt or sick and you just can’t avoid life’s challenges. But, sometimes a tough life makes you stronger, or gives you a drive to try harder to climb up. This will make a person appreciate the simple joys of life and hold dear to his family after experiencing lean times.  I have always felt that the test of someone’s true character is how they react during adversity.
You can even become a victim of poverty by making a wrong decisions. Through my years of turning left when I should have gone right has led me in a direction of hard times and trouble as it would anyone else. I really don’t think there’s a secret formula for making all of the right decisions. 

Research and or guidance is usually a good starting point as well as humility or the mindfulness to listen to others who have more experience than yourself. When in doubt back away, ask for help, and rethink some of the choices you are about to make. Try to imagine are all of the possible outcomes. If you are totally alone and face a decision you’re unsure of it I have always found solace in seeking the Lord through prayer. Don’t be bashful, ask God for guidance. Sometimes even after we pray and ask God for the right choice our own desires takes over and we still make the wrong choices. You might see your mistake within minutes and sometimes it might take years to see you made the wrong decision.

Here’s the kicker, a lot of people will blame God for their mistakes. “I prayed and God allowed this to happen, blab, blab, blab.” Here’s a thought for that; whatever the outcome of a wrong decision. God will use it to either grow you spiritually or draw you closer to Him or if you’re hard hearted, He might allow you to wallow in your troubles for years. In short, bad things can work out for the good, and we don’t always see ‘The Burning Bush’.

 God led me to have the kids participate in an exercise, pretending they all are authors writing a book. The character in their book is awesomely designed in their image. The love their character and want to make sure he or she stays safe and completely out of harm’s way. However the character in their story comes to a crossroad and if this character turns left it will be sure chaos and heartache. To the right, this person will experience sudden death. Now keep in mind you the writer are in complete control. What will you do? So I would have them write in the story having their character go straight ahead and is stay completely safe. Awesome out come right?

Then I had them fantasize for a bit longer about their story. I had them write another story similar to the first, but this time their character has a free will and actually knows the are the writer, but doesn’t like them writing certain things in the story or simply doesn’t like them being in command of the ending of the story. Their character can only see what’s directly in front of them and not what you the writer can see on the last page or even the dangers that are just several chapters or even pages as the story continues.

Your character is now standing at the cross road trying to make a decision. As the author of your story you can hope with all your heart that they make the right choice. You might even give them a map or leave clues or maybe even a sign with warnings of the dangers. One final try with maybe a soft still voice, “I love you, please go straight.”

Suddenly your character folds the map that you gave them and tosses it on the ground, chooses to look away from the signs, close their ears not wanting to hear your voice and eventually turns to the right. It saddens your heart as you watch their destruction and the ultimately the end of your characters story. What a shame, as it could have been a series with generations of characters and many wonderful stories.

Let’s talk about free will and how this story relates to having a relationship with God!

God is really the author and we are the characters and He has provided us with the guidelines of life through His written roadmap, the Bible. Oh yea, here’s the big one; He has provided us with His Holy Spirit to guide us. It’s just our desires mixed with pride that blinds us and covers our ears and shades our eyes. We don’t look for ‘The Burning Bush’.

You know God gives us the free will to write our own story in life. Don’t go through life without the leadership and guidance of our Maker. With major decisions of Life, be still and know that he is God!

By the way, the visit with this 8th grade class was very rewarding for me personally.  God gave me the words to share with them and hopefully I used His gift to make a difference in their life.  

However, I will tell you that because I accepted God’s direction and used His guidance; I was rewarded greatly for listening to His command.

More about Russell L. Martin:

Using his life experience and firm belief in Jesus the Son of God, Russell L. Martin was inspired to share an incredible tale of what it could be like to be in a personal relationship with your protecting Angel; thus became the birth of “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.

In addition to “Scars of My Guardian Angel”, a 312 page Christian novel, Russell L. Martin written 13 wonderful Christian songs, that he and his wife share in local churches around their community.  “Scars of My Guardian Angel” is the first book of The Portal Series.  The book is receiving rave reviews from readers leaving them with a strong desire for book two of The Portal Series: Bloodline of the Scrolls.

For more information about Russell L. Martin visit,

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Answers will be revealed when we have a sit down with God

Recently someone asked a question on one of my social media sites.  At first glance, I was taken back but after prayer and thought I felt saddened by this person’s burden that was heavily weighted on their heart.

Their questions was as follows, “I write with respect only for the love of the truth. I am a servant of God from 31 years and I always read this confusion from many believers:
You know this? Every day, 20000 children between 0 and 4 years old die of hunger and thirst, especially in Africa. They do not have guardian angel like this in your post? So God in his goodness leaves the guardian angels for European or American children but has no angels for African children?
Can you explain this contradiction?”

My response is as follows:

Brother in Christ

You’re question is definitely a good one. This subject has been asked and argued over for a few thousand years. Allow me to respond in the deepest respect to your question. As a humble lover of Christ I too have asked this same question to God himself. In 2008 I received a call just a few minutes before midnight on December 8th that my 22 year old daughter had been killed. I was working on a project in Illinois and had to make a long dreadful drive back to my home state of Louisiana.

During this long drive I cried out to the Lord many times asking why, how could you have taken my sweet daughter away from me? With the deepest sorrow I had ever experienced, all I could do is push the pain down so deep that no one could see it.

Being confused, I started blaming myself. I had decided it was my own sin that caused the death of my child and somehow God was torturing me. It wasn’t long after losing Summer, my oldest daughter was almost killed. She stayed in a coma for several weeks from head trauma and finally after over a year of therapy she came out of it but was left with paralysis to the right side of her body and now disabled for the rest of her life.

Instead of being angry with God I chose to humble myself and seek His face. Throughout this time of trouble God drew me closer to him than ever before. I found myself year after year reading through the Bible several times and during this I would have what some call prayer time, I call it conversation. In doing this He has given me a peace that passes all understanding. You see pain and suffering is a worldwide thing, it has no boundaries. Take Jesus for example; at any time if God had chosen, He could have sent a legion of angels down and destroyed everyone that had plans to crucify our Lord. But, He had a reason to allow His son to die on the cross; it was simply for you, me and a few billion other people.

So I guess it all comes down to free will. It’s a choice that we all have. We either choose to have faith and believe or not.

The grand question of “WHY” I believe this mystery will be revealed when we have a sit down with God someday in Heaven.

Russell L. Martin

Throughout time, many religions have presented differing beliefs of the afterlife. Whatever they may be, we surely all have a final destination. Ask yourself: Is there a heaven or hell? When I die will I simply cease to exist and my body turns to dust? If I make it to heaven, what will I do for eternity? Will I see and know my family and friends? What about angels and demons, are they real?

More about Russell L. Martin:

Using his life experience and firm belief in Jesus the Son of God, Russell L. Martin was inspired to share an incredible tale of what it could be like to be in a personal relationship with your protecting Angel; thus became the birth of “Scars of My Guardian Angel”.

In addition to “Scars of My Guardian Angel”, a 312 page Christian novel, Russell L. Martin written 13 wonderful Christian songs, that he and his wife share in local churches around their community.  “Scars of My Guardian Angel” is the first book of The Portal Series.  The book is receiving rave reviews from readers leaving them with a strong desire for book two of The Portal Series: Bloodline of the Scrolls.

For more information about Russell L. Martin visit,

Thursday, March 22, 2018

"Scars of My Guardian Angel" Available Now

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like? According to The Washington Times, with 84% of the world’s population being religious, most of those have a belief in a Heaven and a Hell.
And Heaven just got a little bit closer! In the release of his new book, “Scars of my Guardian Angel”, now available on and in the Amazon Kindle store, Russell L. Martin gives us a beautifully vivid image of what Heaven may be like. The elegantly crafted Christian Fiction novel shows us just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Christians may be able to look forward to after the death of our Earthly bodies.

Quote from the Author

“After losing my daughter Summer Allyce, back in 2008, I have to say it turned my life upside down. I’ve loved the Lord all of my life but this devastating event drew me closer to our maker than ever before. Living a normal life and staying busy with making a living chasing Pipeline construction all over the country, I continued to live with a gigantic hole in my heart. I have to admit I lost interest in hunting, fishing, traveling even riding my 200 mph crotch rocket. I found myself being molded into someone I really didn’t even know. Time and time again I would turn down opportunities to go on amazing trips with some of my more adventurous friends. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t walk around with my lip hung out thinking “woe is me”. I hid it well, this hole or should I say emptiness was deep down inside so that no one could see other than my sweet wife Laura. As I continued my Bible studies, prayer time, and just plain ol’ quiet time, I didn’t realize God was up to something special. He began waking me in the wee hours of the morning with the strangest ideas. Well you might even say a type of visions, because they were as clear as pictures hanging on a wall. This went on for quite some time until they finally became consuming and was just about all I could think about. Finally, when I felt it was more to it than a wild imagination, I gave in to writing “Scars of My Guardian Angel”. With my limited knowledge of writing, I thought I would get my message across with a small book no larger than a children’s book. Our Maker had other plans, and 95,000 words later, I have only just begun with the “Portal Series”. Says; Russell L. Martin.

The first book in the “Portal Series” is based off the true life events of the writer, paired with his love for his daughter, incredible dreams, and covered in a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit. It follows the life of the main character Chado Cole, who as a Christian knows that his death; is just the beginning.

Following a suspenseful Deep Sea diving accident, Chado soon realizes that God has much more in store for him than he could have ever imagined, and after being chauffeured from the bottom of the ocean by two child-like angels, he gets to meet his magnificent warrior angel “Uriel”.  “God is giving you a little touch of knowledge, just take it in, it’s going to get better.” One of his tiny angels tells him.

After a trip across God’s creation and through a series of portals, Chado finally gets to set foot on the planet of Heaven where he sees his father and daughter for the first time in years and has a heart-wrenching reunion that will leave you speechless.

“Russell L. Martin has a unique way of writing that gives you enough detail that you can fully envision each and every fantastic scene, but you won’t get lost in the wording. It always makes a book so much better when you don’t have to fight your way through all the fluff.” says Jennifer Michiels, author of “Divine Instruction”. “It is such a God inspired work of art that every Christian will benefit from reading.”

Russell said, “When I was almost finished with the first book, I told my wife I wouldn’t be writing another one. Again, God hasn’t changed His plans. After my prayer time at the barn, He still sits me down at my lap top, turns the world off, and turns His movie on. I have surrendered to His challenge of continuing with His message through my hands in a unique way of sharing the gospel. Who knows, God might give me back the desire to pick up a fishing pole, but for now, it’s time for me to serve Him by continuing the “Portal Series”.

Russell L. Martin is a devout Christian with a love for the Lord that is nearly unrivaled. He’s a down-to-earth kind of guy that spends most of his days at home in Dry Prong, Louisiana with his horses, playing music, worshiping the Lord, and working on the next book in the “Portal Series” called “Bloodline of the Scrolls”. You can see more about what he’s up to by checking out his website, or by following him on social media.